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U.S. Futsal the only affiliated Futsal Organization with U.S. Soccer Celebrate 100 years

U.S. Futsal and U.S Soccer 100 Years

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Northeast Regional Champions Crowned in Wildwood, NJ Print
U.S. Futsal Regional tournaments

Wildwood, NJ – On February 17, the Wildwood Convention Center opened its doors for the opening day to the U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championships. U.S. Futsal and the convention center would welcome over 250 teams featuring more than 2,000 players and 8,000 spectators over the next four days. Teams represented 12 state associations and Canada, making the Northeast Regional Championships the largest futsal tournament east of the Rocky Mountains.

3 Regional Champions Kickoff Next Week Print
National News
February 10, 2017 -- The Road to the U.S. Futsal National Championships continue February 17-20 as three Regional Championship competitions take place. The first regional to kickoff is the Northeast as teams gather in Wildwood, NJ for four days of matches. The Wildwood Convention Center will once again host this traditional President's Day weekend gathering.

From New Jersey, our attention will broaden as we look towards Indiana and the Midwest Regional Championships. The Grand Park Events Center in Westfield, IN will take its place as host of teams from across the region as they compete to become champions. Opening kickoff is February 18.

Finally, the Southeast Regional will begin its championships that take place over two consecutive weekends. February 18-20 will see the Adult and U-19 groups for men and women compete with the remainder of the youth age groups gathering February 24-26. Both weekends will be hosted by the iSol Futsal Facility in North Charleston, SC.

For those attending, we encourage you to tweet frequently photos and results as they happen. We will be using 3 distinct Twitter and Instagram hashtags for each regional and they are:
Northeast - #NEFutsalChamps17
Midwest - #MWFutsalChamps17
Southeast - #SEFutsalChamps17

Best of luck to all of the teams and we'll see you next week!

U.S. Futsal and NSCAA Partner on Futsal Coaching Education Print
National News

The NSCAA and U.S. Futsal have partnered to create their first-ever coaching course for the most popular soccer variation in the world. This NSCAA Diploma is available now online.

Coaches and players the world over see futsal as a fast paced, action-packed, electrifying game with many similarities to soccer that can be played indoors and outdoors. "Futsal fever" is catching on in USA, with coaches recognizing numerous technical and tactical benefits that are transferable to soccer.

The NSCAA Level 1 Futsal Diploma serves as an introduction to futsal and consists of 8 core and 5 age appropriate modules.

U.S. Futsal, has been Governing the sport of Futsal in the United States since 1981.  It has been promoting futsal leagues throughout the country for 35 years.  It also, has been sponsoring state, regional and national tournaments since 1985.  U.S. Futsal, is the only futsal organization directly affiliated to U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer!

The Official 2017 list of U.S. Futsal Sanctioned Regional Tournaments are listed below.
U.S. Futsal Northwest Regional                                       U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional
2017 Northwest Futsal Regional Championship   2017 Northeast Futsal Regional Championship
U.S. Futsal Midwest Regional                                          U.S Futsal Southeast Regional
2016 MidWest Futsal Regional Championship
   2017 U.S. Futsal Southeast Regional Championship

U.S. Futsal Northcentral Regional                                    U.S. Futsal Southcentral Regional
2017 Northcentral Futsal Regional Championship   2017 U.S. Futsal South-Central Regional Championship

U.S. Futsal Southwest Regional                                       U.S. Futsal Cal North Futsal State Cup   
2017 Southwest Futsal Regional Championship   2017  Cal North Futsal State Cup                        

2016 National Championship Results
U.S. FUTSAL                                                                                          News release July 20, 2016

31st U.S. Futsal National Championship, the International Pacific Cup  and the Finals of the MLF Professional League Concludes After Three Days of Intense Competition!

Futsal National Championship 2015

San Jose, California -- The 31st U.S. Futsal National Championship, the 12th Pacific Cup of Nations and the Final of the Professional Major League Futsal League  concluded Sunday, July 17th after threer days of intense and exciting competition. The biggest, oldest and most prestigious Futsal competition ended with teams from 11 different states in 23 categories winning medals. "This is great news", said Alex Para, President of U.S. Futsal, "because it not only shows how much Futsal has grown, but  how competitive it has become all across the United States".  With the growth of Futsal accelerating so rapidly over the twelve nine years, so has this competition. According to coaches feedback this has been the most competitive group of teams in a National Championship. The Men's Open competition was won by Legends F.C. from Northern California who played against the 2012 National Champions La Famiglia. In the Women's Open category, Toque F.C. beat Joga Bonitas Futsal Club 2 - 1.




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Futsal Referee Quiz

Daily Quiz -
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game Quiz
  • Question 1:
    With the ball in play, a player makes an insulting gesture to the public. What decision do the referees make?
    (a)Send off the player, and order play to be restarted with an indirect free kick to the opposing team, to be taken from the position of the ball when the infringement occurred.
    (b)Caution the player and restart play with a dropped ball.
    (c)Send off the player and order play to be restarted with an indirect free kick to the opposing team, to be taken from the place where the player made the insulting gesture.
    (d)Caution the player and restart the match with an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
  • Answers
  • Question 2:
    A dropped ball is taken and a player commits an infringement before the ball has touched the ground. What action should the referees take?
    (a)Order the dropped ball to be retaken and caution the player infractor.
    (b)Award an indirect or direct free kick and do not take disciplinary action.
    (c)Retake the dropped ball and caution or send off the player, or do not take any disciplinary action, according to the infringement committed.
    (d)Award an indirect or direct free kick, and caution or send off the offending player, according to the seriousness of the infringement committed.
  • Answers

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